Tree Services in Bedfordshire

WildeWood Tree Services offer a comprehensive range of tree services provided to the highest standard. We take pride in providing our professional, eco-conscious practices, aiming to maintain the health of your trees, using our years of experience to educate and serve the needs of our clients.

Our environmental arborists are dedicated to their study, planting and maintenance of trees, providing responsible tree surgery for both domestic and commercial clients across Bedfordshire and surrounding areas.
With a high work ethic and commitment to operating in an ecological manner, we will always try corrective tree surgery wherever possible as opposed to a tree removal.

If we do have to remove a tree, as part of our Plant a Tree initiative, we can replant a native broadleaf tree at no extra labour cost.


Our services include but are not limited to the following:

⦁ Hedge Trimming
Tree Felling
⦁ Tree Reductions
⦁ Tree Maintenance and Management
⦁ Tree Pruning
⦁ Crown Reductions
⦁ Crown Thinning
Commercial Tree Surgery



Tree Planting

Trees are a great way to elevate your garden design – whether to bring more colour to your garden or to add more privacy to your outdoor spaces, our arborists can plant anything from mature trees to young saplings, depending on your preference and requirements.

As part of our promise to provide eco-conscious, sustainable tree services, where possible, we will professionally replant any tree that we have to remove at no extra labour cost. Get in touch today to find out more about our Plant a Tree initiative.


Tree Felling

Tree felling is the process of our team safely cutting down your tree to make sure there is no risk to surrounding properties, passers-by or roads and footpaths.

Our highly trained tree surgeons specialise in the safe removal of dangerous trees. We would always try and save a tree before removing, cultivating our years of knowledge and experience to ensuring the plant can continue to live healthily. However, should we have to fell a tree, we aim to replant a tree where possible.


Tree Shaping

Tree shaping is an essential service to help maintain the health and longevity of your trees. Various shaping techniques can provide solutions for a range of problems, including aesthetic purposes, and for particularly shaded gardens – unkempt trees can block natural light from other smaller plants.

We offer an extensive range of shaping services, including crown reductions, crown raising and tree thinning. After a thorough examination by our arborists, we will be able to prescribe the best treatment for your tree, educating clients on the tree’s needs and how to ensure it thrives for many more years to come.

Stump Removal

Our stump removal service in Bedfordshire will ensure that any unwanted tree stumps are properly removed along with all of their supporting roots.

At WildeWood we are equipped with first-rate tools and equipment to provide accurate and effective stump removals, creating an area that can be relandscaped or replanted into.


Why Choose WildeWood?

From our initial meeting through to completing the project, our pledge to provide the best quality services for our clients makes us one of the most reputable teams of tree surgeons in Bedfordshire.

With much of our work coming from word-of-mouth recommendations, we take pride in the fact that our years of skill and experience as environmental arborist allows us to continue sharing our passion for the cultivation and maintenance of trees with those who use our services.

Our dedication to sustainable and ecological practices is what sets us apart from the competition. Our responsible work ethic and replanting initiative are at the forefront of what we do here at WildeWood, meaning that when you choose our tree services, you can rest assured that you have hired a team with a wide breadth of knowledge to share.

Need Tree Services? Get in Touch

To receive a quote, or to find out more about our Bedford tree services, get in touch today or book an in-depth survey of your tree. Our team are available for 24-hour emergency call-outs if required.

If you are unsure of which of our professional services you require, please call 07761073891 or 01234 954284, or leave us a message using our online contact form.