Tree Felling in Bedford

If you have a dangerous, damaged or diseased tree in your garden and there is no way to save it with alternative corrective services, our team of qualified tree surgeons can safely and responsibly cut it down.

Professional tree felling ensures that when you need to remove a tree, it can fall in the best direction and can safely be controlled using state of the art Safety Approved equipment.

At WildeWood, as environmental arborists, we are dedicated to providing responsible and eco-conscious tree surgery – felling is usually a last resort solution if our thorough, professional examination deduces that the heath of your tree cannot be saved/improved shape-wise.

If we decide that removing the diseased or damaged tree is the only option, we will always endeavour to replant a new young tree to replace the old. Get in touch today to find out more about our Plant a Tree initiative.

To book a survey for the tree in question, please contact us today on 07761073891 or 01234 954284. We operate across Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas.

Responsible Tree Felling

Tree felling should always be carried out by a professional team to avoid the risk of any dangerous consequences. We specialise in maintaining the health and longevity of trees, but when we decide that removal is the only option, our team implement expert forestry methods to ensure the tree is felled to the best professional standard.

With Safety Approved equipment, our tree felling will effectively remove the tree along with all supporting roots, aiming to not cause any disruption to surrounding plants, gardens or phone wires.

Removing a tree is not something our environmental arborists want to carry out if we can help it. Only after an extensive survey of your tree and if no other service can improve its health will we carry out a felling service.

As part of our promise to provide ecologically sustainable tree surgery, our Plant a Tree initiative aims to replace every tree we have to remove. Environmental considerations are always at the forefront of our practices, setting us apart from our competition.

Get in touch today to tell us more about the tree you are concerned about to see how our tree surgeons can help.


Why Choose WildeWood?

As environmental arborists, we are committed to providing a variety of care and maintenance services for trees, retaining our high professional standard and impressive work ethic from initial survey through to project completion.

With much of our work coming from word of mouth, we dedicated ourselves to getting to know our clients’ needs and expectations carefully to ensure we can provide the best level of service.

If we believe a tree can be saved, we will do everything in our power to carry out the necessary corrective work, informing clients throughout the process of how best to care for their plant moving forwards.

Should we find no other option than removing a tree, our impressive replanting programme has benefited a variety of domestic and commercial properties. We have also completed a significant amount of charity work within our Plant a Tree initiative. Replanting can be completed at no extra labour cost, highlighting our focus on customer satisfaction and preserving the environment.

You can rest assured that when you choose WildeWood that you are working with a team with an ecological focus.


Get in Touch Today

Contact the WildeWood arborists today to book your tree survey and report. If it transpires that you require tree felling, our team are on hand to provide the utmost level of professionalism and efficiency when it comes to removing potentially dangerous or diseased trees.

Call our Bedfordshire tree surgeons today on 07761073891 or 01234 954284, or use our online contact form to leave your message.